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12th December

The task is to go on a mistletoe hunt. Either walk or cycle to where it grows naturally and look for a low hanging sprig. Do not attempt to climb and put yourself in danger though, a picture of the scene will suffice. The photo should include yourself whilst out cycling or walking, or if you are camera shy, please include your bike in the shot, or one of your walking accessories (i.e. hat, backpack, gloves or even the dog), as evidence of your actually being there.  The whole idea is to keep active, get out and about, re connect with our fellow cyclists, and brighten up our Facebook Page with your lovely photo's. Photo's can be sent via WhatsApp to the group chat, emailed to or added directly to the Facebook Page Post via comments. Please only one photo per day from each person.

Please remember, you can collect any of the weeks tasks over 7 days, and add only as much as you want/can. Dip in and out or do the lot!! 

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