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24th December

You had better take the day off, as starting tomorrow, we have the 12 days of Christmas to burn off all the Christmas excess!! At least 20 of us will consume a minimum extra 3000 calories each and they need once again to be offset by physical exercise. Between us, we need to burn a cumulative 60,000 calories in 12 days by either cycling (turbo miles can also be counted), or walking. Please send in your (extra) calorie consumption for your cycle ride or walk, every 3 days, no matter how much or little, it goes into a big cumulative pot.  We will post our totals on our Facebook Page, again every 3 days. Remember, we only want the calories consumed whilst exercising, not you overall daily total. Send in photo's too, one from each session.

Please remember, you can collect any of the weeks tasks over 7 days, and add only as much as you want/can. Dip in and out or do the lot!! 

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