The Advent Challenge

Open the doors on the tree below to find a task for the day. Only 7 doors will open at a time, allowing 7 days to collect 7 pictures. The only other window to open in advance is our Christmas Eve one, which holds a special challenge that you might want to prepare for. Collect required photo's/screenshots as proof of completion, and see them added weekly to our Facebook Page.

Challenge tasks can be completed by cycling or walking to cater for those currently unable to cycle, and also to allow for any adverse weather days. Proof will be needed that you are actually walking or cycling, please don't cheat as it ruins the fun & the whole point is to have an extra reason to get out and about.

Take part in as much or as little as you can, lets just bring some festive cheer to our  Facebook page. You don't need to be a member to take part, anyone can join in. Photo's can be shared to other members via our WhatsApp, email them, or add them directly to our Facebook Page via comments. Have fun!!